Friday, August 23, 2013

make the tastiest cupcakes. . .

by taking out a secret ingredient! =)

I wish I could take credit for discovering this genius way of baking cupcakes!

My girlfriend/neighbor Larissa let me in on this secret and it has changed my life in the kitchen! Everyone who has tasted these cupcakes have asked
what on earth makes them so moist and delish!

plain and simple: egg whites. Who knew??

It is SO easy. I suppose you can make them from scratch without egg yolks but I just buy the box of vanilla or french vanilla cake mix. Make sure not to get "moist" or "super moist."
Just plain old vanilla cake mix. Brand doesn't matter just not anything claiming the cupcakes will be moist! I made that mistake and my cupcakes wouldn't stick to their liners = hott mess :(

Just add the ingredients that the box calls for but use egg whites! It's that easy.
No other changes are necessary.

Decorate with your favorite icing and voila! Your cupcakes will win the hearts of all that have a taste.

these are cupcakes I made and decorated for my little babes birthday.

pay no attention to this link.


  1. VERY cool blog :). I'll be following! 3 posts already! Impressive. You're just so talented!

  2. Yum!!! Totally gonna have to try this.